Why Are You Depressed?

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  • Hi everybody


    It is another Tuesday.  You ever wonder why there are seven days in a week?  Why not 5 or 8 or 10?  Just wondering out loud.  Or why don't you ever see baby squirrels?  Do they hide until they are adult squirrels? Why are polar bears and penguins often pictured together when the live on opposite poles of the earth? 


    Just thought I would distract you before asking something serious.


    Why are you depressed?


    It is an interesting question isn't it?  Feel free to write one word, a numbered list, a long essay or anything in between. 


    Or to make it easier you can do a fill in the blank version.

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    I am depressed because...(fill in the blank).


    Looking forward to hearing your answers.  Be candid.  Be real.  And get to the core of it.  Who knows?  Maybe it will help.



Published On: September 14, 2010