Life Challenge Discussion: Depression and Dating

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  • Hi everybody!


    I am going to try a  new feature today.  When I asked for feedback some weeks ago about content you might like to see on the site someone had a really good idea of discussions around how to handle life's challenges.  I thought that this was a wonderful idea as there is a never ending number of life challenges we could talk about.


    This will be your chance to tell your story and share your experience of how you have overcome many of your life challenges.


    Today I thought we would start off with talking about Depression and Dating.


    This is an on-going theme here on My Depression Connection  where so many of you are talking about trying to get out there and meet people but how difficult this process can be.  

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    So let's explore this topic here.


    I did find one dating site which is unique called "No Longer Lonely."  It is an online social community for adults with mental illness.  I cannot tell you if this is a good or safe site.  I simply found it from doing a search.  It does sound interesting but what do you make of something like this?  Do you think this is a good idea to have a site devoted to those who have mood disorders or mental illness?


    In researching this topic I also found a forum which asked the question:  "Would you date someone who is clinically depressed?  The answers were quite interesting.


    So for those of you who are in the dating scene if you will, what has your experience been like?  How do you handle the stress of meeting new people and/or dating and suffering from depression? 


    I guess I am looking for you to give advice or suggestions to others who wish to date but have a mood do you do it?


    Further topics for discussion:


    • Do you find that you choose to date others who also suffer from a mood disorder?  Or do you purposefully choose to date others who do not have any sort of mood disorder or mental illness?

    • Do you disclose your depression or mental illness to the person you are dating?  How long do you wait?

    • What is the hardest thing about dating and having depression?

    I am sure we could talk for days about this topic.  Please feel free to talk about any nuance of this subject. 


    Let's begin!  How do you handle this life challenge?



Published On: September 15, 2010