Staying Hopeful with Depression

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  • Here it is...Friday again.


    Hope you all are hanging in there and more so I hope you are enjoying this week and this upcoming weekend.


    Before I ask about your week I want to just say a few more words about my topic I wrote about this morning "Spam, Scams, and Internet Lies."  One of the reasons I wrote that post is because I am a patient and a caregiver myself.  I have a mother who has schizophrenia and a son with autism and I have Multiple Sclerosis and Depression.  I have been around the Internet block and I have seen some ugly things and I have also seen amazing compassion, care, and support from total strangers. 

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    The ugly parts I have seen are from those people who prey on the innocent,  the vulnerable, and people who are suffering.  It is my personal belief that there is a special place in hell for such people.  The one thing which has carried me through all these years is hope.  I will never lose my hope.  But I just can't stand to see people who sell false hope...those who fraudulently make a buck off of people who are in need. If I see this, I promise that I will expose you.


    I want to tell you...that you do not need some special seminar, self -help book, blog, DVD,  or time with a guru.  You need people who are honest and care about you.  You need support and a willingness to accept help.  There are no quick miracle cures...and I know I have been there...I have searched for them too.  The you...that you are still here...alive and willing to do this for another day.  That is the miracle.  Don't let anyone tell you or sell you something different.


    Okay enough said.


    Now about your week...


    1.  On a scale of 1-10 how has your week gone?


    2.  Tell me something good!  What was the highlight of your week?


    3.  What challenges did you encounter this week?


    4.  What are your hopes for next week?  Any special plans or goals?


    I hope you have a wonderful weekend.  Take some moments for yourself to find some peace...some gratitude...and hopefully some joy. 


    Happy Friday.




Published On: September 17, 2010