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  • Hi everybody


    What a week!  You ever feel like a big 'ol bulldozer has just plowed right through you?  That is what I am feeling like today.  I think I need to get up, get some fresh air, and clear my mental slate.  This week I have learned to never take anything for granted.  Change, as we were exploring in my Midweek Muse, can come at any time.  Some of the problems encountered with change is that we often don't know all the details.  I am always so much better at adapting if I know the monster I am dealing with.  It is when you don't know, when things are uncertain and ambigous, that one tends to worry aimlessly. 

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    One of the positive strategies I am attempting to use is to take hold of those aspects of life where I have control and do the best I can within those more certain realms.


    Enough about me!


    I want to talk about you.  One thing I am very thankful for is our community here on My Depression Connection.  I want to stress to you all how very important it is to keep this community going strong.  Writing shareposts, making comments, and answering questions are just some of the ways to continue to build this community.  If you haven't participated before here, I strongly urge you to give it a try.  Tell your friends, your loved ones, or your co-workers about our site.  The ability to keep this site going hugely depends upon our members.

    Show that our site and our community is a vital resource by becoming an active member.

    You can find information overload anywhere but you can't find this community just anywhere.  There are times when we need to prove what is important to us. This is such a time so I am asking for your help.



    Now let's talk about your week.  I have some catching up to do.  I see some new shareposts.  Forgive me for being late in responding but I absolutely will...respond. 


    1.  On a scale of 1-10 how has your week gone?  Any change from last week?

    Just as a reminder, Christina Bruni, the site leader for the schizophrenia site has written about a Health Central tool called Mood 24/7 which is very similar to what I have been asking you to do each Friday.  You call in to rate your mood and then you can easily share this information with your doctor or loved ones.  Christina has explained the tool far better than I can.  It may be worth a look-see!

    2.  Tell me something good!  Oh please tell me something good and positive...a happy memory...a goal accomplished...something you feel proud good thing from this past week.

    3.  Your greatest challenge this week has been.....?


    4.  What are your hopes for next week? 



    We have survived another week!  This is quite the accomplishment.  I am eager to hear from you all.  Let's keep this site active and flourishing.  Gardens grow which are well tended.  You all are the gardeners...let's get growing shall we?




Published On: September 24, 2010