Do Online Support Groups Help Your Mental Health?

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  • Hi everybody


    How is everyone doing today?


    Been thinking a lot about the vital ingredients to mental wellness.  One of the most important elements to keep me going is on-line support through community.  I cannot fathom what I would do without such support in dealing with my life challenges.   In today's world of information overload sometimes we forget what really matters. Just to clarify my priorities and values I wanted to say this.  People matter to me.  Hearing your stories matters to me.  You matter to me.  If nobody has said this to you in awhile I wanted to remind you.


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    My question for you today is... How important is on-line support and a sense of community to your mental wellness?


    As I have said repeatedly and have hopefully shown in my deeds and actions, community is extremely important to me.  I pledge to keep up my efforts in this regard no matter the venue.


    Wanted to share a link to a personal blog I just put together.  It is absolutely bare bones right now but is an additional way to connect for anyone who is interested.  It is called How to Survive Anything.  I hope you stop by!



Published On: September 29, 2010