Connections Between Depression and Physical Health

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  • Hi everybody


    It has been an eventful week for me.  Went to the urgicare this weekend and found that my gallbladder is acting up again.  The doctor poked and prodded and thumped on my abdomen until she hit "the spot" at which point I yelled out.  It may be time to get the sucker out.  I am just such a scaredy cat about any type of surgery and especially about taking one of my innards out.  I guess I am going to have to get over my fear.  I will schedule what is known as a HIDA scan soon to check out my gallbladder functioning.  Oh boy!  Can't wait.  NOT!  You ever wonder why we have all these parts we supposedly don't need anyway like wisdom teeth, the gallbladder or the appendix?  Strange isn't it?

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    Bet you are wondering what this all has to do with you or the price of beans.  I am getting to it in my long winded way.


    It got me to thinking, we spend so much time discussing our mental health...what about our physical health?  The two are very intertwined. 


    My question for you today isWhat medical tests or exams have you been neglecting because you are depressed? 


    Well let's make a pact.  If I schedule all my tests and exams then you can too.  If you start today maybe you can get them all done before the new year or shortly after. 


    Here is my list if it makes you feel better:


    • HIDA scan for my gallbladder
    • An MRI for my Multiple Sclerosis
    • A dermatology appointment to check for skin cancer (I highly recommend you get one as well every year).
    • An annual PAP smear at my gyne.
    • An annual mammogram
    • The eye doctor to check my vision    

    Then of course there is the dentist, your annual physical, and any other specialists you need to see. 


    Let's all stay healthy.  It is important because YOU are important.  Got it?  Good.



Published On: October 05, 2010