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    Hi everybody


    It has been awhile since I have done a mid-week muse.  I think today is a perfect day to do one.


    When you suffer from depression, relationships and connections to other people are very important.  It is vital to be around postive and supportive friends and loved ones.  But some people are not good for us and it is wise to know the difference.  There are those people who intrude where they should not intrude.  There are some people best described as toxic.  Many of the toxic people are fake.  They are the ones who would smile in your face and then slice and dice you.  Or prey on you when you are vulnerable.  I am sure many of you have encountered such people.  You know it when they are around because your gut tells you. If you get a sick feeling when you are around certain people, this is probably a good sign that this individual is toxic for you.

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    The group, TLC, wrote about such people.  Here are some of the lyrics to their song:  "Case of the Fake People."


    "Case Of The Fake People"


    I thought that I knew about 'em

    Thought that they would never do me wrong

    Well well they smile in your face

    When all the time they wanna take your place

    Them backstabbers

    Same old scene that

    You've seen for so long

    Always want to be around you

    But as jealous as they come

    Well don't want you to win that race

    'Cause if you do it's gonna lessen their space

    That's when I decide to say


    [Chorus] Goodbye, goodbye

    To all the fake people in my life

    I never wanted you around me

    So be on your way now

    You better think twice


    Now what about you?  Have you encountered fake people in your life?  How did you handle it?  Tell us all about it.  We want to hear your story.



Published On: October 07, 2010