Weekend Check In

Merely Me Health Guide
  • Hey everybody!


    I am finally back from my travels and just trying to recuperate.  Travel sure takes it out of you.  Had a wonderful time but now it is time to get back into the groove of routine. 


    So how are you doing?


    I see some new posts for me to read.  I do thank you for taking the time to write.  By Monday I will have myself together to comment and fully participate.  Just wanted to say howdy today and see what you guys have been up to.


    1.  How was your week?  Good, bad, mediocre, delightful, neutral, tolerable, joyful, or the worst ever?  Or...any other descriptors in between.  Tell it like it is!

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    2.  What did you learn this week?  About yourself?  About your moods?  About the world in general?  Any great life lessons to share?


    3.  If you could travel anywhere in the world where would you go? 


    Looking forward to hearing from you guys and gals.


    Let's rock and roll!

Published On: October 16, 2010