Does Journaling Help You Cope With Depression

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    Hi everyone!


    First of all I want to thank all of you who are writing shareposts, asking and answering questions, and participating on the site.  It was really nice to come home from my vacation to see all the posts.  Many of you are going through so much and to take the time to share really means something.  Just wanted you all to know how much you are appreciated.


    Now onto our question...


    One of the ways in which I have always coped with my depression was to have a creative outlet.  My number one creative outlet is writing.  When I was a kid I had a written diary.  When I got my first personal computer I was in heaven because I could write on the computer.  And then the blogging world was created and I really found my niche.  I have been a blogger for probably over a decade.  Things sure have evolved since those early blogging days but some things remain the same.  You have life issues and you write about them...and share them with others.  And then things don't seem so bad because you matter what you are going through...someone else is also going through it or has gone through it and can tell you all about it.

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    My question for you today is...


    Have you ever used a diary, journal, or blog to help you to cope with your depression? 


    Speaking of blogs I am going to share a few links with you.  Many of us writers on Health Central's mental health sites started out as bloggers with our own personal sites.  As an additional resource I am going to share some of these blogs with you now.



    • I just started up a brand new blog called I get by with a little help from my friends.  Ain't that the truth!  I would love it if you guys would stop by to visit my humble blog abode.  It is small and intimate right now and a place to just hang out and talk about whatever is on your mind. 

    • Our Deborah Gray is the creator of a pretty famous depression site called Wing of Madness Depression Guide.  Deborah's site is one of the oldest depression sites on the web offering information and support to depression sufferers and their loved ones.

    • John-Folk Williams is another My Depression Connection writer who has his roots in the blog world.  His site is called Storied Mind:  Writing to Recover Life from Depression.  John writes very candidly about his journey through depression to recovery.

    I hope everyone is hanging in there this week.  Let us know how you are doing.  You know we love to hear from you.



Published On: October 19, 2010