Dealing With Stress and Depression

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  • Hi everybody


    This week was much too short.  Where did the time go? Personally, I am battling fatigue.  Too much stress.  Too many worries.  Not enough fun time or time to relax.  Do you ever feel like the time you spend is gradually becoming eaten up by coping with problems?  In my blog post, What's your problem? I explore the many nuances of problems and how we may fear talking about them.


    Now I want to hear about your week.


    1.  I have been asking you to rate your weeks on a scale of one to ten.  What is your number for this week?  What would you say your average has been over the weeks and months?  Which number represents your highest rated week?  How about your lowest?  Not to worry if you don't know exactly...what would you guess in that case?

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    2.  Was there something you did this week which helped you to cope more effectively with your depression?


    3.  Speaking of problems, what has been your biggest problem this week?


    4.  If you didn't suffer from depression what do you think you would be doing?  Could you conceive of still doing these goals despite your depression?


    I sure am inquisitive today.  Only answer what you feel comfortable answering and what will help you the most.


    Enjoy this weekend.  Get outside if you can.  Forget those troubles if only for a few minutes.

Published On: October 29, 2010