Coping With Job Anxiety

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    First of all I should have posted this earlier as I was going to urge all of you to vote.  I sure hope you have.  I had people come to my door today to remind me and I am glad they did.  I mean there is no excuse for me...I live so close to where one can vote.  So I took a short bike ride and voted and I feel good about it.  We do have a voice and this one way we can express it is by voting.


    Okay my civics message is done now.  Smile


    A topic which is near and dear to everyone who is pondering politics these days is the economy.  Maybe our friends who live in far-o-way places can describe what is happening in their country as far as jobs and such.

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  hasn't been so good but there is nowhere to go but up.  How is that for optimism?


    One of the personal themes many people are concerned about is job security.  If you don't have a job you are worried about getting one.  And for those who do have a job, there is that ever present anxiety that one may lose their job.  This is a very real fear for a lot of people.  And it is not an irrational fear.  This is the nature of today's economy.  Lay offs and being let go from a job is a reality for a lot of people.


    Just wrote a post about this topic on the anxiety site called, Anxious about Losing Your Job?  You are Not Alone.  There are some studies which show that this anxiety can harm your physical health.  This seems frightening as there are so many people today who are living in this type of limbo.


    My question is:  How does one cope with our modern economy where job security is not something you can depend upon?  How does one deal with anxiety and depression related to unemployment, underemployment, or the threat of losing one's job?  Is there anyone out there going through this right now?  Care to share your story?


    Hope you all are hanging in there.  My other...bonus question is...who has not eaten all their leftover Halloween candy?


    Looking forward to hearing your responses.  My apologies for being slow on the sites.  I will be there soon to reply, comment, and answer.




Published On: November 02, 2010