Using Sensory Strategies to Cope With Stress

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  • Howdy!


    How is everyone doing today? Anybody feeling stressed out today?


    On the Anxiety site I just posted about some sensory strategies to decrease your stress and anxiety


    Stress and anxiety can really exacerbate depression symptoms so it is good to be preventive and don't let stress build up.


    My question for you is:  What stratgies or methods do you use to calm down, relax, de-stress, unwind, or decrease your anxiety? 


    I am hoping we can make a big 'ol list and share our ideas with one another.


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    • Does anyone have a boyfriend or girlfriend with ADHD?  Is anyone out there married to someone having ADHD?  On our ADHD site I wrote about my experience as a teen dating a boy who most likely had ADHD but back in those days...we didn't know it. It made me wonder how many people today may be in a relationship with someone who has this disorder but the person may not be diagnosed.  If you have any experience with this please stop by the ADHD site.


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    • Did you know that in the course of a lifetime one in five of you will develop some form of skin cancer?  It is true.  And did you know that each year there are more new cases of skin cancer than the combined incidence of breast, prostate, lung, and colon cancers?  I bet you didn't.  For more surprising facts and statistics about skin cancer please visit our Skin Cancer site.  The more aware we are about skin cancer the more we can decrease those odds that you will be the next person to get it.  

    I will be by soon to comment and answer questions.  Thank you to everyone who participates on My Depression Connection.  We need you!  So please stick around.




Published On: November 09, 2010