Preparing for Thanksgiving With Depression

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  • Hi everybody


    It is Friday believe it or not.  And Thanksgiving is looming.  What are your plans for the holiday? 


    This week was busy for me.  I am getting a head start on my gift shopping this year for a change.  The only problem with this is...sometimes you forget what you already have purchased and there is more time to pick up just one more cute little present you saw.  Maybe there is something to be said for waiting until the last minute.  Been indulging in comfort foods lately.  Got out my crockpot and attempted beef stew.  It was okay but the recipe made so much so by the third day of stew you get sick of it.  The days sure have been getting darker more quickly.  Makes me want to hibernate and either sleep or eat.

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    Enough of my gabbing.  Now it is your turn!


    1.  On a scale of 1-10 how was your week?


    2.  The best thing about your week was...?


    3.  The most challenging aspect of your week was...?


    4.  Do you get enjoyment or happiness out of cooking?  If so what do you like to cook?


    BONUS totally off topic QUESTION:  For those of you who watch Dancing with the Stars...what do you think about who is left in the running to win?  I have my thoughts but was eager to hear yours.  Hey...we can't talk about depression all the time.  Some small chit chat is sometimes good for the soul.


    I do hope you all have a relaxing and pleasant weekend.  Keep on writing and sharing.  We love it when you participate on the site.

Published On: November 19, 2010