Favorite Part About Thanksgiving Despite Depression

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  • Hello everybody


    So it is Friday.  Getting closer to the holidays.  How is everyone surviving?


    I am eager to hear about everyone's week.  Please don't hesitate to share.  If you had a good week...great.  If it was a bad week...we want to hear about that too.  This site is for you to get support no matter what you are dealing with.


    1.  On a scale of 1-10 how would you rate your week?


    2.  What was the bright moment of this week?  Were there any times when you felt happy, grateful, at peace, or even joyful?


    3.  Do you have a vent or gripe?  Air it here.  Did anything tick you off this week? 

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    4.  In my post yesterday, I reported on a study which showed that leisure time physical activities can decrease symptoms of depression.   So my last question for you is...did you engage in any type of fun recreational activity this week? 

    Sad to say, I did not.  I am becoming a regular couch potatoe and this needs to change.  Tomorrow I am getting on my bike no matter what. 


    End of week reflections...


    As I am reading all the various comments and posts this week on My Depression Connection I wanted to say just a few things.  There is no shame in having depression.  Depression is not a character weakness.  It isn't some of type of failure.  In many cases biology is to blame.  In other cases life events and trauma contribute to the symptoms of depression.  Depression is not your fault.


    However, just because you have depression, doesn't make you any less responsible for your life.  We can provide information, resources, and support here.  But we are not responsible for you getting the care or services you may need.  Nobody is responsible for your happiness but you.  Happiness, mental wellness, and peace of mind is the responsibility for each individual.  These are things that everyone must work for.  Mental wellness does not come on a silver platter.  The truth is you have to work for it.  There are no easy cures.  There are no miracles pills.  There is no magician therapist. 


    Achieving mental wellness is not a passive process.  Can others help?  Yes.  Absolutely.  And if you need help you need to reach out.  But helping is not the same thing as taking responsibility for someone else's happiness.  I think this a boundary which needs to be taken very seriously and especially for caregivers and loved ones of the person who suffers from depression.  The power and control of change ultimately rests with each individual.  You don't dump that responsibility on others and demand that they find reasons why your life has meaning or purpose. 


    There is a lot of anger underlying depression.  There may be a side to all of us which wants to cling and also push away from someone who wants to help us.  Maybe it goes back to childhood of wanting someone to help us, defend us and protect us even from ourselves when we got into trouble.  We want to trust that someone will be there.  But now as adults, we have to trust ourselves.  The buck stops here.  There may be times when we must rely on our own resilience.


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    No we can't do this alone.  But there are some things nobody can do for us.  Nobody...no matter how much they care or love us...can crawl into our skin and live our life.  We are ultimately responsibile for our own life and well being...despite having depression.


    Hope you all have a good weekend.  Looking forward to hearing how your week has gone.




Published On: December 03, 2010