Getting Out of a Depressive Rut

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    Hi everybody


    Well...the days are growing shorter.  It always seems like such a surpise.  It is not even 5:30 and it is just about dark.  I don't like it!  Not much you can do about it though.  And it is cold.  So there is more time to stay indoors. And all of this makes me feel like I am in a rut.  Been trying to get out of my rut by finding fun activities, groups, or classes to join.  But it is hard.  Hard to find time and motivation to do so.  My depression says, "Stay at home, look at the four walls and ferment."  But the healthy side to me says, "Get up and do something fun."  It does help to have encouragement (but not pressure) to do these things.

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    My question for you all is...


    What helps you to get out of a rut?  And from the opposite side, what keeps you in a rut and feeling unable to get out of it?


    You know we love hearing from you and I am looking forward to hearing your ideas on this.


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    • I had the wonderful opportunity recently to answer some questions about my experience of having a parent who has schizophrenia.  I had written to Christina Bruni, the lead writer and community leader for the schizophrenia site, to participate in mutual interviews.  I wanted to get her perspective on how depression affects someone with schizophrenia (this interview will be posted this coming Monday) and she interviewed me about my personal experiences living with my mother.  If you have never visited SchizophreniaConnection before please do so.  There are so many people out there who suffer from schizophrenia or...their loved ones are struggling and support is always welcomed.  Oh how I wished I had such a site growing up.  I thought I was the only one in the world having a parent with this type of mental illness.  Christina is an absolutely amazing person and I do hope you pay a vist there.

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    • There are medical conditions which share symptoms with ADHD.  Thryoid dysfunction is one of these conditions.  To find out the connection between thyroid problems and ADHD symptoms please visit our ADHD site.

    • I know you are busy with the holidays is time to think about getting that skin exam with a dermatologist.  The new year is a great time to schedule your appointment.  


    Hope you all have a great rest of the week.  It has been a little quiet lately so don't be shy...come and talk to us!


Published On: December 07, 2010