Favorite Holiday Memories Despite Depression

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  • Hey everybody


    I think I am officially delirious from wrapping presents.  I have been wrapping for about five hours.  I am not kidding.  Getting everything ready to ship to friends and relatives is hard work.  Where is Santa Claus when you need him?


    In my post wrapping delirium I swear I saw two posts on this site which have now mysteriously disappeared.  Do we have gremlins?  Anybody wish to make a confession? Cause I didn't delete anything.


    Moving right along...


    The question for discussion this week is...drum roll please...


    What is one of your favorite holiday memories? 

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    Sometimes it feels good to re-live happy moments especially when things get stressful or chaotic. 


    I do hope everyone is surviving this week so far.  Before you know it, Friday will be here. Let us hear from you.  We like to know how you are doing.



Published On: December 14, 2010