Wishful Thinking With Depression

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  • Hello everybody


    It is Tuesday and it is getting even closer to the big day.  Is everyone hanging in there?


    The holidays can be a tough time.  There are expectations of how things should be yet they seldom are as we want or wish them to be.  Sometimes we are far away from loved ones.  Sometimes there are rifts in relationships.  And sometimes there are bad memories associated with the season.  We understand. 


    If you are feeling depressed this Christmas...I would encourage you to reach out.  Please feel free to write here and express your feelings.  It may help. 


    I am going to try to take a much needed break from the computer in the days to come but I may pop on here and there just to check up on you all.

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    Know that somebody cares.  We may not know your situation.  We may not know exactly what you are going through.  But I guarantee that everyone here has been through something.  We are kindred spirits.  And even if it seems like you are the only sad person on earth during the holiday...you are not.  You are definitely not alone.


    Okay...time for our question. 


    When you wish for something...what is it that you wish for?


    Maybe we can wish with you. 


    Keep talking, keep hoping, keep reaching out.  We would love to hear from you.



Published On: December 21, 2010