Dealing With Sad Childhood Holiday Memories

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    Hi everybody!


    I didn't do a great job with this but the caption should read, "Meowy Christmas!"  Get it?  For all the cat lovers out there. If you want to see another cute cat check out Mauru the cat from Japan.  When I am feeling down the videos of this silly cat and his antics cheer me up. 


    So how is everybody doing?  I know that this time of year can be hectic, stressful, or even lonely.  But whatever you may be going through I want you to know that you are not alone.  There are people in the world who are going through similar things and so it is good to reach out. 

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    I have had some very sad Christmas's in my past and especially as a child.  I know too how it is to have traumatic memories associated with this holiday.  Here is a story I wrote about one of my childhood Christmas memories.


    Here is another writing of mine that I call "Snowglobe" about a feeling of peace I felt on one particular Christmas eve. 

    Do you have any memories of feeling at peace?


    My mind is usually reeling with some sort of angst so the peaceful times are few and far between. For this reason, I have a memory in my mind that I hold close to my heart. It is like a little snow globe in my mind. That is the magical thing about memories is that you can visit them any time you wish. My memory is not anything so special in the eyes of the world. I mean nothing exciting happens. Nothing happens and that is the beauty of it I suppose.


    I was thirteen or so. I had a paper route. It was Christmas Eve and it fell on a Saturday. The Saturday paper was to be delivered in the early evening. I bundled up the newspapers and headed out with my metal cart and as I walked it began to snow. All of a sudden everything was bathed in a white glow. I remember it was so quiet. There were no cars, no people, nothing. Just all this white new snow coming down turning everything into a virtual winter wonderland. The only sounds were coming from my cart as it made a skinny trail up the hill behind me.


    I stopped half way up the hill and it was absolutely silent except for the snow. I could hear the snow fall to the ground like flower petals, each flake finally being absorbed by the white landscape. I breathed in deeply and I could feel the scratchy wet wool of my scarf. I remember standing there, still, as a sense of peace came over me. I could see the lights from the houses and it made me feel good that people were all inside, somewhere beyond the twinkling Christmas lights. It seemed I was the only soul outside that evening and the new snow was for me alone. It was my private miracle.


    How many times do you get to be so at peace that you can allow yourself to listen to snow? Doesn't happen too often, at least not for me, so I have held onto that memory for years now.



    And now...I want to hear about you and your week!


    1.  On a scale of 1-10 how has your week gone thus far?


    2.   What is the best thing about this week?


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    3.  What is the most challenging thing about this week?


    4.  What is your favorite thing about the holidays?  (If you say...when they are all over I know many of us can relate.)


    Keep on writing and sharing.  And do have a peaceful holiday no matter where you are or what you are doing.  I want to hear all about it come Monday.  I will be here with bells on!


Published On: December 24, 2010