Reassessing Your Depression Treatment Options

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  • The start of the New Year is an excellent time to reassess what is working and what is not working for your depression treatment. You may feel frustrated if what you have currently been doing is not so effective. This is a signal that it is time for a change. The following questions will get you to think about what aspects of your treatment plan need an overhaul. The subsequent links to informational articles will tell you how. Let’s make this the best year ever for your mental health and wellness.


    Question #1: Is your medication effective for treating your unique combination of depression symptoms?

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    Although there can be many common depression symptoms, everyone is unique in what symptoms they will experience. You are also unique in that your symptoms will differ in their severity. In other words, your depression is unique to you. Likewise, we are all going to respond differently to the various medications used to treat depression. What works for one person may not work for you. It can therefore, be very challenging to find the right medication or combination of medications which will be most effective for your situation. Here are some further questions you need to ask yourself with regard to your current medication(s).


    • Are the side effects worth the benefits of this particular medication?


    • Is the dosage appropriate or can it be fine tuned to gain a better therapeutic effect?


    • Will this medication work more effectively when combined with a supplemental medication? Remember that you do not want to make any medication changes on your own. Do not stop taking your medication cold turkey or adjust the dosage without first consulting with your doctor.


    Here are some informational links and posts to help you in your decision making about medication options:


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    Choosing the antidepressant that’s right for you


    Question #2: Would you benefit from therapy or is your current therapy working for you?


    In addition to medication, therapy is another popular option for treating mood disorders. But the quality does vary, depending upon the particular skills of your therapist, your ability to connect with your therapist and also your willingness to work in therapy to improve your mental health. There is no therapist out there who has magical abilities. You will have to work hard during your therapy session as this is an active, rather than a passive process.


    Here are some further questions you may wish to ask yourself with regard to choosing the type of therapy or therapist right for you.


    • Do you feel that you would gain more from a one to one session with a therapist or from talking to other patients in a group therapy setting?


    • If you are currently in therapy, do you have a good rapport and good working relationship with your therapist?


    • For those who are already going to therapy, have you seen any tangible progress in achieving your mental health goals?


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    In addition, here are some informational articles which can help guide you to make the right decisions about therapy for your particular circumstance.


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    Question # 3: Have you explored lifestyle changes and alternative therapies which could make a difference in your mood?


    In addition to medication and/or therapy, there are many lifestyle changes and/or alternative therapies which could benefit your mood. You may have heard of some of the ideas proposed in the following articles but they could make a tremendous difference in your overall mental well being.


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    These are just several questions you may want to ask yourself as we begin a new year. Your mental health is at the heart of everything else you do. It affects your physical health, your relationships, your work performance, and your overall satisfaction and enjoyment of life. Let’s start the New Year off right by taking a look at which aspects of our treatment plan are no longer effective and then make any necessary changes. It could make all the difference in the world for your quality of life. We can do it together starting today.


    Happy New Year everybody! I wish you much health, happiness, and joy for this year and all the years to come.

Published On: December 27, 2010