Weaving Life's Tapestries With Depression

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  • Hi everybody


    It is Wednesday and I thought I might try something new and that is to just write.  No lists.  No advice.  No five easy ways to do anything.  Just me and my keyboard and you of course.  So let's kick back, relax, and just enjoy a little back and forth connection and conversation. 


    I will share my random thoughts and you share yours.  When you think about depression it is quite often the case that what makes you feel better is just talking about ordinary life stuff with friends.  It sometimes helps to focus on other topics.  Talking about depression all the time is...well...depressing.  So think of this as a little respite from your woes. 

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    Of course I still am waiting to hear more about your holiday.  Okay here is what I feel to be one of the most frustrating things about Christmas is...actually getting to the present due the excessive packaging.  In a classic Larry David episode (he was one of the lead writers for Seinfeld) Larry goes into "Wrap Rage" while desperately trying to open his present.  Note:  There is swearing involved.  What is it nowadays with all this plastic and little tiny wires so that you can't open anything?  I think I spent two hours helping my kids open their presents because nobody can get the toy out without hedge clippers these days.


    Felt bad for my husband.  I promised him that he would not have to build anything this year after our very frustrating year where I bought one of those model ferris wheels with all the little pieces that go together but you are always missing some because the cat dragged some away to play with.  As soon as the words came out of my mouth, my youngest opened this toy church I was so happy to find on the Internet.  He has a fascination for churches.  I had no clue that the church was not put together.  My son opened it and there was the ton of itty bitty playmobile pieces. My husband looked at me and wasn't very merry after that.  Ooops!


    One game that has brought me delight despite any funky funks I find myself in is Angry Birds.  If you haven't heard of this game it is soon invading our culture and work cubicles everywhere.  It is all about getting revenge on these piggies who are stealing eggs from these birds...thus the anger.  And when you miss hitting the pigs, they smile.  There is some psychological satisfaction to this game when you finally destroy the pigs.  It is one of the few games I can actually win without a ton of rules and history to read before you even play.  Do we have any angry birds fans here?  If you are a fan or even if you don't know what I am talking about there is a new video about peace treaty negotiations between the birds and the pigs. Warning...there is some swearing going on in this video as well but it has nothing to do with wrapping rage.


    So if you are ever wondering what I am doing when I am not writing, I am either watching other people build toy churches or I am fearlessly fighting pigs. 


    I have also been watching cooking shows.  I am not a great cook myself so I have a great admiration for those who can do it well.  It has become this relaxing TV pastime for me.  Go figure.  But the thing I have noticed is that cooking seems to make some people mean.  What is up with that?  They have all these cooking contests where mostly irritable judges (is this the one qualification for judging anything...you gotta be cranky?) rate the chefs' or bakers' culinary talents.  Was watching one show recently about baking cakes and thought..."how sweet" and how could anyone get worked up about cake?  I was wrong obviously.  These cake baking contestants are brutal competitors I am telling you.

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    So the show producers assigned four bakers the task of making a three foot cake with a theme of exuding the personality of one of the characters on the Sex in the City.  I kid you not.  Not sure who is familiar with the Sex in City characters but you have four women...Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha.  They each have their unique personalities and the bakers must make a cake to capture the essence of each character.  No pressure there.


    One of the bakers chose to do a "Charlotte" cake.  For those of you unfamiliar with the show or the character, here is a wikipedia reference to Charlotte.  This character is very feminine and a little prissy.  So the baker who chose this themed cake creates this tower of pink cakes.  Imagine all these differently sized cakes precariously balanced by some pole holding them all up.  And this is the point where I have to admit I started to laugh because this pretty pink cake monstrosity was beginning to lean.  You saw trouble happening and part of you wants the cake the fall and part of you is willing it to stay up so that the baker does not have a nervous breakdown.  She has spent hours and hours of her life on this cake and it is one of those things where...(bleep) happens. 


    I promise that there is a moral to this story applicable to anyone struggling with life's challenges. 


    So now only do the cake bakers have to create the cakes, but they have to physically carry the cakes to the judging tables.  She gets her cake to the table to be judged and it is in one piece but swaying slightly to the right.  As luck or...producers would have it...her cake is judged last.  So the cake sits up there as the other contestants hear about their cakes and get their verbal lashings from the judges.  Meanwhile, the Charlotte cake is leaning more and more. 


    I don't have to tell you what happened next but I will.  Here is the spoiler.  The leaning cake tower of pink....falls and collapses to the floor in a massive cake act of destruction.  Crumbs, icing, chunks of cake are all over the floor.


    But here is the thing that I LOVED about the baker was her reaction.  She smiled.  She was visibly relieved.  She didn't have to be judged.  It was over.  She knew it.  She was happy to go and she said something like, "My cake fell.  It is all over the floor and I don't have to clean it up." 


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    Kinda like that old expression, "That's the way the cookie (or in this case, a pretty pink Charlotte cake) crumbles."  Wasn't the end of the world for this cake warrior.  She graciously left the stage and I am sure she is out there making more cakes. 


    Life happens.  We buy toy churches which take two hours to build, we get stuck on levels of angry pigs, and sometimes our cake falls. 


    Sometimes the threads in life's tapestry are small and inconsequential.  But maybe these little threads are what keeps us going. I hope that I have at least distracted you from heavy thoughts about depression with my assorted tales.


    On that note...I wish all of you a good evening.  Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and stories as well.



Published On: December 29, 2010