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    The O RLY owl is back!


    Some of our MyDepressionConnections members have kindly told me about someone who is using the private message system we have here to promote a scam.  Thank you for telling me about this.  I too, have received such an email with the famous Nigerian scam from someone named Monica.


    If you are not familiar with the Nigerian scam please click on the link and a site called Snopes will explain it. I am truly amazed that people will still try to pull this kind of stunt and here of all places.  We may suffer from depression but we are not stupid. 


    If anyone tries to scam, spam, or solicit money from you on any of the Health Central sites please let us know.  Nobody is supposed to be asking you for money...period. 

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    Likewise don't be lured into going to a different site to donate money or give your personal information.  Beware of people on the sites who give links to purchase services, coaching, therapy, or whatever else they are selling as a way of self promotion.


    The people who are engaging in this kind of thing....SHAME ON YOU!


    You all know how I feel about spam and scams.  Here is an article I wrote for this site about How to Detect Spam, Scams, and Internet Lies.  It is a particularly heinous individual who tries to take advantage of people on health sites who are just trying to get some information or support. 


    There is a hilarious book out there called Delete this at Your Peril by author, Bob Servant, where he basically serves it back to the spammers and scammers.  Servant details his email exchanges with spammers where he baits them into his own grand schemes and basically messes with them.  Very funny to read but don't try this at home.  Eliminate any contact with spammers and scammers and always protect your private information.


    Be careful out there.  I try my best to make your experience here a good one.  Trust is so important in any community.  I want you to feel like you can come here and get the support you need without being accosted by a spammer.




    • Don't give out your personal information such as your private email address, phone number, address, etc. to people on sites.  Be choosy and particular about who you choose to correspond with. 

    •  Don't be lured to other sites to donate money or provide personal information.

    • If you suspect someone is trying to take advantage of you in any way on the sites, please let someone know.  Thank you to the members who tell me about any suspicious emails or harrassment.

    Let's keep our community safe and a good experience for all.  Thank you!



Published On: December 30, 2010