Explaining Your Depression to Your Co-workers

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    We tried this last week and it seemed to go so well I thought we could continue.  Basically this is an opportunity to have some conversation and connection.  Consider this a small respite during your week to get your mind off your troubles.


    Wanted to share with you something I found to be very uplifting.


    You may have seen this viral video by now but if you haven't it is some story.  This homeless man in Ohio, Ted Williams, was taped by a reporter for his "golden voice."  The reporter put the video on the internet and what happened next was nothing short of a miracle.  Williams, who is self described as a ex-radio show announcer who has fallen on hard times now has multiple job offers.  Read the full story and make sure to click on the video at the end of the story.  It will make you feel good.

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    Here is another inspirational story right from our own site.  Member Sorel wrote to us back at the end of November to ask if she should tell her friends and co-workers that she was depressed and taking antidepressants.  Disclosure is a very personal business and there are no right or wrong answers.  I gave the best advice I could and hoped for the best for her. Today Sorel wrote back to let us know that telling her friends and co-workers about her depression went very well.

    She writes: "Most of them were surprised, shocked even, but I had NO bad respones. I suppose I have great friends - and just to think that before taking Fluoxetine (and before I started psychotherapy) I felt so alone, so isolated, so unloved."  


    It is always a risk to tell others about our depression but this story shows that sometimes it can go well.  I am very happy for Sorel.


    Lately I have been reading poetry for inspiration.  The poems of Mary Oliver are especially good for soul searchers.  Here are some of Mary Oliver's poems about our life journey.  The magazine, Parabola, has some fantastic poetry which you might find enjoyable. 


    Okay now I would love to hear from you guys.  Do you have any stories or experiences to share?  Here is your chance to talk about anything on your mind.  The sky's the limit.


    We are listening to YOU!



Published On: January 06, 2011