Do Colors Have an Effect on Mental Health?

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  • Is it Tuesday already?  Really?


    With all the serious stuff going on in the world today I thought I would choose a light topic of conversation. 


    My question for you today is...


    Do you find that certain colors make you feel happier?  And likewise, are there colors which make you feel less cheery? Are there any colors which make you feel calm?


    I tend to like yellow and red myself as high energy colors.  Grey is a color which drains me...especially when the weather is grey.  Blues and greens are always calming to me.


    When I was a teen I read a pop psychology book called the Luscher Color Test which was supposed to reveal your hidden personality by your selection of which colors you liked best to least.  Today there are dozens of sites like this color quiz site loosely based on the original test.  It is kind of like getting your horoscope read.  It is for entertainment purposes only.

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    Looking forward to hearing what your happy colors are!


Published On: January 11, 2011