My disorganized week with depression

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  • Hi everybody


    I am running way behind this week in every way imaginable.  Just trying to catch up here and I will be by soon to comment on your posts and questions.  Forgive me for my disorganization.  You ever have one of those weeks?


    Speaking of which, why don't you all share how your week has gone for you.  What were some of the good parts?  What were some of the challenges or no so good parts about this past week?  If you need to vent...go for it.  We are here to listen. 


    Use this forum for you to gain support and feel better.  Depression is not easy.  We want to help. 

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    So talk to us! You can start right now by writing a comment or post.  Looking forward to hearing from you.





Published On: January 22, 2011