Valentine's Day Chat on Monday

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    (Image from xkcd:  A Webcomic of Romance, Sarcasm, Math, and Language)


    You are invited to a Valentine's Day Chat on February the 14th (Valentine's Day) from 3-5 PM eastern standard time. 


    This will be an informal chat where I will set up a post and we will comment back and forth.  There will no special chat technology...let's just keep it simple with some back and forth in comments. I will be here to respond to your comments in real time.


    The topic of discussion will be relationships.  But if you have anything else on your mind feel free to talk about that. 


    Hope you all are having a decent weekend.  Thank you for all the shareposts you are writing.  I am so happy to see such great participation on the site. 

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    See you tomorrow!





Published On: February 13, 2011