How to Find a Therapist to Fit Your Depression

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  • Hello everyone


    Just wanted to let people know that I had my little medical procedure and while it was no picnic...I survived it.  Thanks for all your support and kindness.  You guys are great.


    How about a question to get some discussion going?


    Since we have been talking about therapy and therapists lately, let's continue on this theme.


    My question for you is...


    What are the personal qualities you look for in a therapist?  Do you feel that the personality of the therapist is critical for your success in therapy?  Have you ever had a therapist you did not connect with?  What happened as a result?

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    Oh one other thing...have you been receiving your email notifications?  I am concerned that some of you have told me that you are not being notified when new posts are published.  Please let me know if you are having any technical problems with this site or any other Health Central site.


    Looking forward to hearing from you.  I hope this week has been good to you so far.



Published On: February 22, 2011