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    Been thinking about the number of questions we get about medications.  And is sort of scares me to think that so many of us are not getting adequate information about our medications from our doctors.  I had a personal experience recently where my son's neurologist failed to tell me that he would need a periodic blood test to check his liver enzymes.  She only told me months after we had begun the medication for my son and this was also only after I initiated the conversation because I had read information on the Internet which said that a blood test was necessary.  This frightened me.  We have changed doctors but it got me to thinking about how many times such a scenario happens to others.

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    My question for discussion today is:


    Do you feel that your doctor gives you adequate information about your medications?  Was there ever a time when a doctor's failure to provide sufficient information about your meds caused you harm?  Do you feel it is the responsibility of the doctor to give you information about your medication or do you think it is the responsibility of the patient to ask the right questions? 


    I realize there are no right or wrong answers.  I am a patient and a parent who asks tons of questions.  But sometimes you still miss vital information.  I am wondering how you are deal with this. 


    Tells us your thoughts, opinions, and personal stories.  We want to hear them!

Published On: March 08, 2011