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    Hi everybody


    Just wanted to share some links with you of some posts you may find interesting on MyDepressionConnection and on our other sites.


    • Our members on MyDepressionConnection have been writing up a storm lately.  Member Sagwa wrote about how hard it can be to be newly single.  I am sure she could use some support in your comments.  Member Love writes about experiencing the symptoms of depression such as problems with sleep, feeling unfocused, and irritability.  I think many of us can relate to her experience.  Moonbeam has shared that adding Abilify to her other medications has really helped with mood.

      Thanks to all our members who take the time to write about your experiences.  It can be very healing to share with others.  A comment on someone's post can make their day and let them know that they are not alone. 
    • On our Anxiety site I have written a post about new job anxiety.  For some people the anxiety over having a new job can make one wonder if they will be able to keep the job.  I give some suggestions of how to overcome this anxiety based upon my experience and also give links to shareposts written by AnxietyConnection members to help.
    • On our ADHD site I started a Member Medication Review like we have here on the depression site.  We are starting the discussion with Adderall.  If you are taking this medication we would like to hear what your experience has been.  Or if you have a child who takes Adderall we would like to hear your perspective on if it has helped your child or not.
    • On our Rheumatoid Arthritis site, Community Leader and writer, Lene Andersen wrote a very poignant piece on the personal price of living with chronic pain.  I am sure she would be be glad to hear your experiences in the form of a comment to her post. 
    • On the Skin Cancer site I delve into whether or not the new aiport body scanners can cause skin cancer.  It was a hot topic late last year in the news and I tried to find what follow up there has been.  It seems to still be a very controversial topic.
    • On our Skin Care site I discuss a new app whose creator claims it can cure your acne.  I kid you not.  I even brought out the Oh Really Owl for this ocassion.   

      I hope everybody is having a good week.  Looking forward to reading your posts.  Thank you for participating on our site!


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Published On: March 09, 2011