Weekly Wrap Up

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  • Hi everybody


    How are you?


    This has been an emotional rollercoaster week for me.  But I am trying to combat the warning signs of depression by doing things I know will help.  Sometimes it is hard because you don't have the energy or motivation.  Here are three things I am doing to ward off depression.


    1.  I am taking my vitamins and supplements each day at breakfast.  The B vitamins, Vitamin D, and folic acid can be important for mood. 

    2.  I am trying to devote some time each day to exercise or get moving.  It does help my mood and improves sleep.


    3.  I am scheduling fun.  Sometimes you have to or else you will miss out.  I am taking time out from work and chores to do things which are fun or relaxing.  I am going to the movies tomorrow for example and I am seeing a friend on Sunday.  If it is nice weather this weekend I will ride my bike.  I will not let depression rob me of the good things in life. 

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    Now let's talk about you.


    1.  How would you rank this week on a scale of 1-10.


    2.  What were the challenges you faced this week?  Did you find any way to cope with them?


    3.  What were the highlights of this week?  Did you have any moments of happiness however fleeting?  Did you find any moments of peace?  Tell us about these times.


    4.  What are you doing to prevent the symptoms of depression?  Do you have any rituals or practices which help you to stay afloat?  Please share them here.  It could help someone else who is going through a bad time.



    I hope your weekend is a good one.  Keep sharing.  Keep writing.  We always love to hear from you!

Published On: March 11, 2011