Do You Gain Weight on Antidepressants?

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  • Hi everyone


    One of the most commented upon pieces that I have written for MyDepressionConnection was my series about antidepressants and weight gain.


    In case you missed reading them here are the links:


    Will my antidepressant make me gain weight?


    Which antidepressants are least likely to cause me to gain weight?


    It seems that for so many people, weight gain is a possibility when taking certain antidepressants or other psychotropic drugs.


    My question for you is:  Have you gained weight while taking an antidepressant?  If so which medications seemed to be worse for you as far as weight gain?  Do you think that mood has anything to do with weight gain?  Do you feel that you tend to gain more weight when you are sad or happy? 

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    Looking forward to hearing about your experience.  Thank you for participating in our community question of the week.



Published On: April 05, 2011