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    There is a lot going on this week with posts from MyDepressionConnection members as well as articles on our other mental health sites. I wanted to share some of these links with you now so you don't miss you.

    MyDepressionConnection Member Posts

    First of all thank you to everyone who takes the time to write a sharepost. We always love to hear from you. Here are some of the topics on your mind right now.

    Side Effects to Medications

    Both Rena and KRSF90 have reported experiencing a bad reaction from their medication. If you have any experience with handling medication side effects please don't hesitate to comment to their posts.

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    Donna-1 and Marishka are both trying to deal with stressful events in their life. If you have any wisdom to impart about how to cope with stress please do comment on their shareposts. It always helps to hear how someone else is coping with a similar circumstance.



    Donna-1 talks about her experience with acceptance in her post, Adjust and Move On.

    Hold that theme because...

    On our RA site:

    Lene Andersen, the community leader for the RA site, wrote a very touching piece about acceptance entitled, Acceptance and RA: Tangled Up in the If Onlys. Although this post is about RA it could pertain to us all as the process of acceptance is universal. We can learn a lot from each other despite our individual circumstance.

    On our MS site:

    Vicki Bridges asks, "What does quality of life mean to you?" I think it is a good question for us all regardless of our diagnosis. I think the answer to this question has a lot to do with acceptance.

    On our Bipolar Disorder site:

    If you have questions about Lithium, expert Marcia Purse has written a series of posts on this medication. If you have ever wondered about what mania is and the symptoms of a manic episode, John McManamy is writing a series of posts to explore this part of Bipolar Disorder.

    On our ADHD site:

    April is Autism Awareness month. I am totally aware of autism for all months of the year as my youngest son has this disorder. Stop by to hear my take on what autism awareness means to me and my family.

    On our Anxiety site:

    Have you ever wondered if chronic anxiety can lead to developing things like an ulcer or heart disease? I attempt to answer this question in my latest post on anxiety and illness.

    I hope you get the chance to comment on our member posts and also to visit some of our other sites. Lots of good information and support. Remember that comments are what helps to keep our communities strong and vibrant. Don't hesitate to reach out and connect with others.

Published On: April 06, 2011