Dancing With the Stars Kirstie Alley Fall and Recovery

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    Are any of you watching Dancing with the Stars?  I must admit that I am hooked on that show.  I have always loved dancing despite the fact that I have two left feet.  I took a ballroom dancing class once in the community and it showed me how extremely difficult it is to master even the simplest of steps let alone a whole routine.  At least that is how it was for me.  I have to hand it to these celebrities who have to learn these complicated dances in such little time and then appear in front of a live audience to sometimes fall flat on their face.


    Actually this is what happened to Kirstie Alley when her dance partner fell down and then she came tumbling after.  But she got right back up and finished the routine with a good natured grace.  This week she had another mishap with losing her shoe.  Some writers are calling her a Cinderella story.

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    I have to say that Kirstie is my favorite for this season of DWTS.  I have always liked her for her comedic talent but also as a human being.  Kirstie Alley has not hidden from the spotlight despite her struggles including her fluctuating weight.  I didn't know what to expect when she joined this season but I think she is very good. But what I like most about her performances is that she has fun and is not allowing a fall or a lost shoe get her down.  She laughs and is not afraid to poke fun at herself.


    Kirstie Alley also was very honest in talking about her grief of losing both her mother and father due to a drunk driver.  Alley chose the song, Over the Rainbow, because it resonated with her that there can be hope after despair.  It was somehow ironic that it was during this song that the much televised tumble occurred.

    Len Goodman, one of the more cantankerous judges,was impressed with Alley's resilience and said,  "Dancing is a bit like life - it's about overcoming adversities and you did that."


    Following that performance Alley went and got a new tattoo on her inner wrist which says "unbroken."  


    It would be an incredible long shot for Kirstie Alley to win but I am rooting for her.  Other people in my household are more enamored with Pittsburgh Steeler Hines Ward. 


    Which leads me to my question and that is:


    For those of you who are watching Dancing with the Stars: Who are you hoping will win?  For those of you who have no idea what I am talking about:  Which qualities do you most admire in other people which make you want to root for them?


    I am looking forward to see what you will say.  Thank you for participating in our weekly discussions here on MyDepressionConnection.

Published On: April 12, 2011