My Depression Connection Question of the Week!

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  • Hi everybody


    My question for you is:  Do you ever find that a random, odd, or absurd experience can break your mood for a few moments?


    I recently had an experience which seemed right out of the TV show, Seinfeld.


    Went to the supermarket and was in the meat aisle.  There was a meat guy there cleaning.  Actually I don't know their official name.  I have some allergies which have been bothering me lately and I was a coughing some in the meat aisle.  The mean man turns to me and says, "Would you like to wear my meat jacket?"  I stared blankly for some time trying to assess the meaning of these words which I have never heard before in my life. It is just not everyday that someone offers you their meat jacket. 

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    In case you are all wondering what a "meat jacket" is not the image that flashed through my mind of what Lady Gaga wore once to a music video awards ceremony...which in her case was a dress made of actual meat.  In this case the meat jacket worn by this fellow was the typical attire of butchers...the long white lab looking coat. 


    The absurdity of this offer finally got to me and I had to laugh. 


    Imagine the character of Kramer from Seinfeld asking, "So...may I offer meat jacket?" with slightlly raised eyebrows. Now imagine George giving this line a try or even Jerry.  I started cracking up.  The thing was...I had been in a bad mood but this silly question from the meat guy broke my mood instantly.


    I asked him why he would ask me such a thing and he replied that he figured I was cold or had a cold and the meat jacket would help. Bless his soul. 


    Now to distract you momentarily from your depression...I am telling you this story.


    If you have an odd random story to share such as this one please do tell us all about it.  We all need a respite from thinking about serious things all the time. 


    Hope you are all having a good day.  Thanks for joining our weekly discussions.


Published On: April 26, 2011