Weekly Wrap Up!

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  • Hi everybody


    So it is Friday.  We made it through the week.  Halleluyah. 


    Have you ever felt so stressed and so weary that you just had to stop everything and have a good cry?  I did that the other day and it felt good.  Sometimes you just need to take a break to emote.  Then you pick yourself up and start over...wipe the slate clean.  You don't need permission but sometimes it helps if someone tells you...it is okay to take a break, fall apart, and then re-assemble.  I am telling you that it is okay. 


    We want to hear from you now.


    1.  How would you rate your week on a scale of 1-10?

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    2.  What were the challenges you had to endure this week?  Vent away.  We are listening.


    3.  What were the best moments of this week?  Even if your entire week was bad...were there any times that were less bad than other times? 


    4.  What are your plans for the weekend?  Doing anything fun?  If you don't have any plans...make some now.  Get out of the house.  Do something different. Get a different perspective.  It may help. 


    Thanks to everyone who participates on this site.  If you haven't written anything before...hey...this is a good time to reach out.  We love hearing from you.  It makes my day to see new posts, comments and questions.  You can make a difference to someone else who is struggling.  Think about it...if you have been a lurker forever...it is time to share your experience. Looking forward to seeing your post here on MyDepressionConnection.


    Have a great weekend! 




Published On: April 29, 2011