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  • Hi everyone


    How are you doing?


    Well we made it through another week!  This is good.  It has been a strange week for me.  There have been days when I wished I had not gone out of the house as so many weird events happened that I wondered if it was a full moon.


    One evening I went to take my son to get new clothes and our credit card was denied.  That has never happened to me ever!  It made me so paranoid and feeling like a criminal.  What had I done?  And here is was some crazy thing about X-Box Live that my eldest son gets and it was over some $4.99 charge.  The credit card company was questioning microsoft for the automated charge so they just shut down everything unbeknownst to me.  We had this bag of clothes for my son and I had found the perfect bathing suit.  Do you know how hard that is to find?  And we have to leave the store without anything. 

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    Then we go to another store to pick up a prescription. There is a long line.  A woman in line ahead of us looks strange and falls weirdly to the floor in slow motion.  I run up and try to help.  Good samaritan me.  The woman is holding an inhaler. She tells me that she is having an asthma attack but she isn't out of breath or wheezing.  Her cart is full of pharmaceutical products.  She tells me, "Just ring up my sh** so I can get out of here."  Nice.  Then she tells me to look for her husband named Joe.  So I am going down the aisles yelling for Joe not knowing what he looks like.  A store assistant is helping me.


    "Joe!" we yell and of course there is nobody there.


    Joe arrives on the scene from some other direction and simply touches his wife's hand and like a miracle she arises like he is one of those healing preachers.  At this moment I feel as though I have been duped.  Joe...then begins to argue with the pharmacy people about some overcharge.  The woman who had fallen to the ground was now seemingly just fine now and sitting on a bench.  I felt like I was in the twilight zone. 


    We get our prescription and I was like..."What in the world is happening?"


    Have you ever had a day like this?


    And now I want to hear about your week!


    1.  On a scale of 1-10 how would you rate your week?


    2. What were the challenges you faced this week with regard to your mood?


    3.  Were there any good moments?  Tell us the good stuff, we would love to hear it!


    4.  What are your plans for the weekend?  Are you doing anything fun?


    We love to hear from you.  If you have never written a sharepost I think it is high time you did!  Seriously...it helps if members write about their experiences so that we build our community of support.  One tends to think that they are alone in depression but it isn't true.  There are so many people going through this but...we might not hear their story and how sad is that?  Whatever you are going through...good or bad...we want to hear about it.  Your story is important. 


    I hope you all have a decent weekend and keep writing and sharing. 



Published On: May 06, 2011