Does Technology Decrease or Increase Depression? The Question of the Week!

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    I am back from my vacation.  I went home to visit family and I will have to write all about my time.  During my stay I visited some old friends I have not seen in about fifteen years.  One of my friends apologized to me for not emailing very much and then she explained that she did not own a computer at home and could only email from work.  My jaw dropped a bit because my computer is such an integral part of my life, I literally could not imagine life without it.  Yet some years ago I did just fine without one. 


    My sister then told me the story of one of her friends who not only did not have a computer, but did not have a bank account, or a phone.  The reason was not due to finances but pure choice.  Again I struggled to imagine life without such things.  My sister mailed her friend a gift for Christmas, a cell phone, all set up with important phone numbers.  The friend sent the phone right back to my sister through the mail....saying thanks but no thanks.  No phone?  "But what about emergencies?" I wondered. It seems she goes to a neighbor to make a phone call if she absolutely has to but is quite content to live life without emails, phone calls and dealing with banks.  She writes poetry at a desk with a pen and not a keyboard.  She writes handwritten letters and sends them through the mail.  My sister's friend is happy without the things we consider essential to modern life.  It is difficult for me to contemplate.

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    Then I got to thinking about all our, twitter, facebook, cell phones, iPods, iPads, gaming devices, blue-ray TV's, and so forth.  We go to such lengths to have these items in our life but do they make it better?  And for those of us who have depression, does all this technology help or hurt?  Or is technology a neutral facet in our quest for emotional wellness? 


    I have some thoughts on this but I wanted to hear from you all.  What do you think?  Has technology helped to decrease or increase your feelings of depression? 


    It is good to be back.  Looking forward to catching up and reading all your shareposts, comments, and questions!

Published On: May 17, 2011