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  • Hi everyone!


    I want to take a few minutes to share some links with you and some things going on here on MyDepressionConnection as well as some other Health Central communities.


    • Over on our Rheumatoid Arthritis site there are some contests going on for this month of May.  And Lene also has a not to be missed interview with author Karen Ager about her book entitled, Enemy Within.

    • On our ADHD site community leader and writer, Eileen Bailey has written about what the "expert" title means here on Health Central.  In the past months several of our writers have been questioned and in some cases attacked over the title.  I was one of the victims of this type of nonsense recently.  Those who know me, know that I have never embraced this title and I have actively tried to sway the powers to be to change it.  If someone is a doctor...well...someone can say that they are not an expert because they don't have the particular condition and how would they know what it is like?  If you are a patient writing about your experiences... there are those who will say...you are not a medical professional so what do you know?  Everyone has their own definition of this term and this is where misunderstandings occur.  Please know that we writers did not choose this title.  The way I personally define my role is that of a writer, a mother, a patient, a caregiver, and teacher.  If you have a question about our role here and what we do just ask.

    • Lots of great member posts these past weeks, too numerous to list them all.  As always, Donna-1 is asking some good questions such as, Do we accept responsibility for our illness?  There is a theme going on with members Mariska and Lyra writing about relationships.  I am sure they would love it if you would read their posts and offer comments or share your experiences.  We have not heard from Jon in awhile.  If you are out there please let us know you are okay.  I hope we also hear from member Helen and others who are in our thoughts today.

    I hope you are all doing well and I am looking forward to reading your posts!  Tomorrow is Friday...now there is something to smile about.

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Published On: May 19, 2011