Which Life Stressors Would You Like to Eliminate?

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  • Hi everyone


    Due to Memorial Day weekend we are a little behind in our question of the week.


    Are there certain things you turn to when you are feeling depressed or soul searching? One thing that helps me when I am feeling down is music and especially song lyrics.


    Woke up with a Foo Fighters song in my head this morning called "All My Life."


    The tense agitation of the guitar at the beginning of the song makes you feel the words all the more.


    "All my life I've been searching for somethin'
    Somethin' never comes, never leads to nuthin'
    Nothin' satisfies, but I'm gettin' close

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    Closer to the prize at the end of the rope"

    The wonderful thing about song lyrics is that they can speak to you regardless of the original meaning of the songwriter. Some think that this song was written by Foo Fighter's lead singer, David Grohl, as he was trying to deal with divorce. Yet to me the first stanza speaks to anyone wondering, "Is this all there is?"

    As I was listening to music today I had this quiet revelation about depression. I think sometimes depression is a wake up that something is incongruent in your life. Do you ever feel like your soul hurts? And that there is just something not right in your life?

    And then I got to thinking that you could get massive therapy and/or take medication to deal with the life element which makes your soul hurt or....and here is my great revelation.... you could just eliminate the stressor.

    I know this is not possible to just elimate all our life stressors. Yet in some cases it is possible and may be just the thing to ease our depression and anxiety. Depression might be the messenger to tell us "You need to change your life and now!"


    For example, if you have a job which turns out to be a major stressor, and you feel demeaned and disrespected, you may begin to feel depressed. This depression might be telling you, "Get a new job!"

    Perhaps you are in a bad relationship, everyone tells you it is a bad relationship, and you feel trapped and joyless. You are suffering but you stay in this situation. Your sadness and depression may be telling you that it is time to leave this relationship. Your mood is telling you that a change is necessary for your mental health.

    Maybe you are living in a part of town that stresses you. Maybe the noise and traffic and the long commute makes you dread getting up in the morning. You feel depressed. It could be your depression is telling you to move.

    You get the drift. It seems common sense. My revelation seems simplistic and maybe it is. But how many of us stay in bad situations which are not healthy for us? We feel sad and trapped and then we struggle to figure out why we are depressed. I am all for acceptance and coping but what if there are some situations we don't have to accept? What if we can feel better by changing some of these life conditions? Depression absolutely has a strong biological component. But life situations also have a great impact on our mood.

    My question for you this evening is:

  • Which life stressors would you like to eliminate?

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    Looking forward to hearing your answers. Hope everyone is getting through the week okay. Let us know how you are doing.  Talking about it may help.

Published On: June 01, 2011