Mothra Exists!

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  • Hi guys


    I am going off the beaten path tonight to share with you this photo I just took of a giant moth outside my bedroom window.  Check it out-it. this moth is over five inches across the wings.  It is huge!  It reminds me of the Lunesta moth from their commercial.


    Can anyone identify this moth? 


    It has been there since last night when it was on the right side of my window where I have curtain to that side.  Today it moved to the left side so it is looking right in on me!  I will be having dreams of Mothra tonight!


    Is there any symbollic significance of seeing such a creature outside my window?  Just wondering.

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    In case you can't tell the seems to have a darker rim on the top of the wings but otherwise it is this translucent green.  It is very pretty.



    Seriously...what is this thing???


    Hope I distracted you all from depressive thoughts at the very least.  Sometimes nature knocks on our door and says, "Hey, look at me!"


    Not sure why mothra chose my window but it is kinda special.


    Hope you all are having a good Saturday!  Sweet dreams.

Published On: June 04, 2011