Best Help for Your Depression? My Depression Connection Question of the Week

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  • Hi everybody!


    Today I was thinking about the different people we may turn to in order to get help for depression.  Some people look to their friends and family for support, others may talk to someone from their church, some people seek out a psychiatrist, psychologist, or social worker and the list goes on. Then too, there are many people who use multiple resources to gain both help and support.


    Another resource, is of course, the support group.  Support groups can meet in person or on-line. 


    My question for you all this evening is:  Where do you personally find your best support for dealing with depression?  If it is a combination of resources please list them. 

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    I have an additional question for you all tonight and that is:


    Is there anything you get here from MyDepressionConnection that you don't or can't get elsewhere?  What is special about this experience which keeps you coming back? 


    Your feedback is very appreciated.


    Thank you for participating in our weekly discussions.  Hope you all are having a good week so far.



Published On: June 07, 2011