The Mood Spectrum: My Depression Connection Question of the Week

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  • Hi everybody


    This week is chugging along isn't it?  Before you know it Friday will be rounding the bend.  Let's slow things down a bit and have some good conversation.


    I was thinking about moods and how there can be so many nuances and degrees of how we feel.  Just when I think I have felt all the different kinds of sad there is, another variation presents itself.  The same is true for positive feelings.  So many moods...have we felt them all? Today I want to focus on the extremes.


    My questions for you:


    1.  When have you felt at your very best?  When have you felt joyful, happy, strong, confident, mentally healthy or simply at peace?  What memory stands out for you?  Can you bring us along into your memory so we can feel it too? 

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    2.  When have you felt at your lowest, your bluest blue, your time of greatest despair?  Tell us what that was like for you.


    I will let you guys go first and then I will chime in with my stories.  It is amazing when you go through this exercise to realize that one person can feel so much.  Our capacity for both joy and pain seems infinite. 


    Looking forward to hearing your answers!

Published On: June 14, 2011