Worst Side Effects of Antidepressants? The Question of the Week

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    In reviewing the site it is readily apparent that the number one type of question we receive here on MyDepressionConnection is about medications.  So let's talk about this. 


    One of the major drawbacks to taking any sort of medication for depression is the possibility of experiencing adverse side effects.  These side effects can range from feeling drowsy to a propensity to pack on the pounds. 


    I would like to hear from you as to which antidepressant side effects have been the worst for you?  Which side effects are deal breakers for you in no longer wanting to continue with a particular medication?

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    In my experience, for example, I can't tolerate any medication which makes me feel nauseated.  That is my personal deal breaker. 


    Talk to us!  Let us know about your experience.  We want to hear from you.



Published On: June 21, 2011