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  • Hi everyone


    It is Saturday already.  How did that happen?  For me I feel as though I have been derailed by health issues lately.  I am currently taking mega doses of prednisone to get through a Multiple Sclerosis flare-up.  I haven't had to do this in about three years and I had forgotten what the experience is like.  Oddly enough I found help from an old post of mine on our MS site about what it is like to take prednisone.  In many ways what I am writing here on these sites is a log of my medical history.  It can be helpful in some ways.


    Enough about me.  I want to hear all about you now.

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    1.  On a scale of 1-10 how did your week go so far? 

    2.  What were the great challenges of this week?  How did you cope?


    3.  What was the best thing about this week? 


    4.  Would you say your depression is about the same, worse, or better than in past weeks? 


    Looking forward to hearing from you!  Keep those comments and shareposts coming! 

Published On: June 25, 2011