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    Did you ever read something you had to copy or write down for future reference because it touched you so deeply?  Maybe your printed treasure gives you guidance or direction.  Or perhaps the words soothe and console.  Or maybe the words strike you with startling clarity, "This is me and my life!"  And you feel like maybe you are not alone after all.


    I came across a poem today which made me weep because I so connected with the words and the experience.  I don't know what the author had intended.  But it cut into me with the precision of a knife and it broke me open in a good way.

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    The poem is called Slide by Umberto Fiori and can be found on The Poetry Foundation website.

    A playground, in a park. One lady
    raises to the top of the slide a ball
    of newspaper, gives it a kiss:
    "Ready . . . set . . . go!" Another holds
    a lampshade in her hands, smoothing
    its chenille bangs. "My daughter,
    you should see her dance-
    she's already won two prizes."
    "Did I tell you mine-he's three-can already write?"


    A girl, in line behind them with her son,
    is listening. She tightens her grip on his hand,
    hoping no one
    will notice he's real, and alive.


    For those who don't know, I have a son who has autism.  He is my everything.  This poem brings back all those playground memories over the years.  All the parents showing off their kids as though they are little trophies.  I just wanted to protect my son.  I wanted us to just blend in. Beyond all the stares and

    open-eyed curiousity he is just a boy...a boy who happens to have autism. 


    I have been there at the slide just like the girl in the poem.


    I write about a lot of topics here on Health Central.  But this topic of autism is very near and dear to me.  I am going to be writing for our new Autism site and I guess I am gearing up for the emotional side to this.  I am not writing about widgets.  I am going to be writing about the human experience...my human experience of parenting, teaching, and loving a child on the autism spectrum.   I guess I am coming to terms with what it really means to be a writer on the deepest level.  Writing is more than words.  It is for me.


    Now I want to hear from you.


    Do you have a favorite poem, quote, book passage, or even a post from this site which really resonates with you?  Care to share? 


    Thank you for being here and participating on this site.  Your words could make a difference in someone's life today.  Share.  It is important. 




Published On: June 28, 2011