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    Recently there has been a lot of activity for past posts on this site.  I suspect that some are being brought back from the land of forgotten posts somehow and ressurected.  So there have been a lot of new comments to some of these articles and great discussion that you don't want to miss.  Sometimes the article itself becomes less important than the discussion it generates.  I feel this way.  I feel that I have done my job if a particular post I write gets you all to join the community and participate.  You are the real experts here.  And you have the power to change lives just by sharing your experience.

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    Going back through memory lane here....


    One of my very first posts was about the words that many of us hear from others when we are depressed.  "Snap Out of It!" seemed to resonate with a lot of you who grow weary of the plattitudes which don't offer any empathy or support for someone going through this. 


    For my first Christmas writing for MyDepressionConnection I took a risk and tried to be humorous.  What was originally titled, Top Ten Reasons to Be Sad for the Holidays has curiously been renamed to Depression Humor:  Being Sad for the Holidays.  Okay so David Letterman I am not.  But I just couldn't bring myself to write a depressing post about the holidays.  We all know it can be a sad time.  You don't need someone to tell you this.  So I tried to lighten it up a bit and in doing so some people loved this approach and some took offense that somehow I was making too much light of a very serious topic.  I think this post showed me that whatever you write is going to be taken in numerous ways depending on the mindset of the reader and you can never guess what that mindset may be. It reminded me to be sensitive to the fact that not everyone is going to necessarily "get" what you write.


    We community leaders have a special tool where we can see the posts with the greatest number of comments.  It is of special interest to me to get a glimpse of which topics members most gravitate to.  The most commented upon posts have been written by members and I wanted to share some of these links with you today. 


    Most Comments to Member Posts or Questions include: 


    So it is very interesting to see that the topics which have been most popular by the number of comments range greatly from discussions about meds to relationships.  If you have anything to contribute to these threads please do keep the discussions going.  Or you may find something of value by reading all the comments to see how others feel about a certain topic.

    Some of the most commented upon MyDepressionConnection articles written by some of our doctors and expert patients include: 


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    As the community leader for this site I have had many ideas on how to spur on our community activity.  Some ideas worked very well and generated a ton of discussion.  Here is just a glimpse of some of these venues for community conversation. 


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    These are articles I have written over the years which have gotten a lot of comments over time.  Some, as I have have mentioned, are seemingly being resurrected and there is some brand new discussion you don't want to miss.


    This has been a lot of fun for me to go back through the time line and revisit some of these older posts and read all the great discussions.  If you have a favorite post from this site you would like to mention please do so. 


    Thank you so much for being a part of this community.  I love my job and writing here because of you.  You are what makes this site come alive.  Please keep writing and sharing. 



Published On: June 29, 2011