Depressing Jobs: Coping with Depression Diary

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    How are you all doing?  It is hotter than hades it is.  I am a believer in global warming.  We are breaking all sorts of weather records.  Winter doesn't sound so bad now does it?


    In a previous post we talked about "happy jobs" or those occupations where employees report the most job satisfaction and happiness.  To balance things out I thought we could also talk about those jobs which add to our depression. 


    As a side tangent...did any of you see the movie Horrible Bosses?  It was hilarious. 


    I am sure we have all had jobs which have contributed to feelings of discontent, unhappiness and maybe even depression.

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    Travel with me in my time machine.  We are going back to the early 80's.  I was a teen-ager in need of a job.  I found one at a middle eastern cafeteria.  They served gyros, humus, baba ghanoush (an eggplant dish), and other middle eastern culinary dishes. 


    I was fourteen at the time so the owner wanted to pay me under the table.  Other than a paper route this was my first job.  The owner shall I put this?  An ogre.  Everything I did was wrong or poorly done. My transgressions were pointed out to me by yelling and lots of it.  My name was never used in these chastisements.  I was known there as "Girl." 


    Here was a typical interaction.


    My boss:  You there girl.  Come and learn to do dishes.  (They had an industrial dish washer where you had to load the dishes into this huge machine.)


    I attempt to load the machine.


    My boss:  You are not doing dishes at home.  No time to daydream.  You need to be fast.  Why should I pay you for being so slow?


    And this is how it was for every duty whether it was cutting gyro meat (I carved off too much) or not adding water to the already mushy steamed dishes. 


    My name of "girl" expanded to "stupid girl" in just a week.


    I remember crying when he yelled at me as I was filling salt and pepper shakers.  There was no sympathy from my boss who told me he wasn't paying me for crying.


    There were many days I would go home and feel horrible about myself.  This was my first job.  I didn't know what to expect and the yelling was getting to me.  I felt anxious and depressed.


    I was not alone at my job.  He had also hired other "girls" most of whom were a good bit older than I was.  One of his favorites worked the cash register.  I was not allowed to touch the cash register.  One day I saw her stealing money from the drawer.  She saw me looking and stared at me as if to say, "You are so dead."  Later that day she told the boss that her drawer was short and that she thought I had stolen the money. 


    I felt like I was playing a part in a modernized Charles Dickens novel.


    At first I was shocked but then I slowly simmered.  I couldn't stand the thought of being there for one more minute.  I told the boss, "I QUIT!"  His response was "GOOD!"  I walked out the door and never looked back. 


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    Leave it to me to find the worst job as my first one.  It was one of those "life learning lessons."  At a young age I learned that no job is worth your mental health or your dignity. 


    Now it is your turn.  Have you ever had a job that made you feel anxious and/or depressed?  How did you cope?  What elements of a job create misery in your opinion?  Talk to us.  We are listening!


Published On: July 21, 2011