Depression and the Heat Wave

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    Many of us in the states are experiencing record high temperatures this week. There are areas of the country with triple digit temps.  Just wanted to send out a reminder to check on people who may be vulnerable to the excessive heat such as the elderly. those with chronic health conditions and young children.  You also want to be sure that pets are able to get a respite from excessive heat. 


    Health Central writer Dorian Martin has written a very timely post on how to avoid heat related illnesses.  This is very good information for anyone who is currently battling the heat.

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    Stay as cool as you are able.  Drink lots of fluids to prevent dehydration.  Try to limit your exposure to the heat and humidity outside.  If you do venture outside please remember to put on your sunscreen


    How are you guys staying cool in this heat? 


    Here is a song to go along with our drastic rise in temperature.

    Who remembers...Martha & the Vandellas with Heatwave?


    Have a great weekend everyone. 



Published On: July 22, 2011