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    I am glad you asked.  I have been meaning to give you the links to some great articles and posts all week.  I finally have a free moment to do so...so here goes.


    • Have you been wondering about Vitamin D lately?  It is all the buzz in the news recently and for good reason.  A Vitamin D deficiency has been linked to all sorts of things including depression, auto-immune diseases, and even cancer.  But what is hype and what is fact?  Lene Andersen, the Community Leader and blogger extraordinaire for our RA site, has written a post on Vitamin D and how to assess your level and what to do if you are found to be deficient.  This post has like 70 comments already and you can also learn a lot from the on-going discussion among members.  It is a not to be missed article. 

      I had also written on my personal experience being Vitamin D deficient for our skin cancer site and the confusing and conflicting information given by my two doctors. 

    • Have you ever wondered if you have bipolar disorder?  It can be a tricky diagnosis and especially since there are different type of Bipolar Disorder.  I have a friend who was just diagnosed with Bipolar II after thinking she had only depression her whole life.  She now has the right medications for her and feels so much better.  Marcia Purse, one of or Bipolar experts writes on this topic of how bipolar disorder is diagnosed.  Again, the comments are especially informational.  If you have been described as treatment resistant with a depression diagnosis...in some cases it could be that the individual really has bipolar disorder.  This is a post you may want to check out for this reason.

    • Don't have insurance for mental health services?   We have written about this topic here on MyDepressionConnection on how to obtain reduced cost mental health services or prescriptions.  Eileen Bailey has also written a recent report on our anxiety site filled with links and resources to help you get the mental health treatment you need.

    • Do you suffer from panic attacks?   I can tell you from personal experience that they are not fun.  They seem to come out of the blue sometimes yet there are early warning signs.  Find out what these warning signs are by reading Jerry Kennard's latest post on identifiying signals that a panic attack may happen. 

    • Are any of you taking medicatons for Osteoporosis?  If so you will definitely want to read Pam Flore's latest post on some of the serious side effects of some osteoporosis medications.  In response to some of these side effects the FDA is creating a special panel.  Pamela writes:  "The Drug Safety and Risk Management Advisory Panel will be held on September 9, 2011 at the Marriott Inn and Conference Center in Adelphi, MD. The public is encouraged to attend these proceedings, and if you have a complaint with one of these drugs or sustained serious side effects, they want to hear from you."  To find out more information please visit our Osteoporosis site. 

    • Do you know about the latest drug treatments for Schizophrenia?    Christina Bruni has put together a very thorough article outlining all the latest drug treatments for schizophrenia.  I will definitely be reading this article as my mother has schizophrenia.  Times have really changed and there are more treatment options available than ever. 

      That about wraps it up for tonight.  I will be back tomorrow with more to share.   Thank you for being  a member of MyDepressionConnection.  Please check out the other Health Central sites we have as well.  Lot of good reading and information to be found. 


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Published On: August 04, 2011