Five Things About You: The Question of the Week

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  • Hi everyone


    I thought we would do something light and breezy for today's question of the week.  In the blog world there are getting to know you meme's where you list 100 things about yourself.  But how about if we limit it to at least five things for our question today.


    If you have never written anything on MyDepressionConnection here is your chance.  This might be a good way to get to know the other members here and you may find you have some things in common.


    What are at least five things about you that you would like to share with the group?  It can be something silly, something serious, or something unusual. Anything you wish to share is great.

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    I will start.


    Five things about me:


    1.  When I was a kid I wanted to be an architect just like Mike Brady on the Brady Bunch.  I was always creating dollhouses and buildings out of cardboard boxes.


    2.  I also wanted to be a psychologist just like Bob Newhart on his show.  I think I watched too much TV as a kid.


    3.  When I am depressed the one that can cheer me up for at least a few minutes is either Lolcats or Maru, the cat who likes to jump in and out of boxes.


    4.  My favorite part of my job as a health writer for Health Central is interacting with members and building community. 


    5.  I hate olives, coffee,spicy jellybeans, and anything with anis in it like black licorice. I love pickled herring, applesauce (with porkchops this is a must), and hershey bars with almonds.  Not all eaten at the same time of course. 


    Your turn!  Let us know five things about you.  I am eager to read your list.  And feel free to make your list as long as you want. 


    Hope everyone is having a good week so far.  See you tomorrow!



Published On: August 09, 2011