Social Media, Browsers, and More: The Question of the Week!

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  • Hi everybody


    Let's get technical shall we?


    I am very curious about our readership on MyDepressionConnection and the answers you provide to my little questionairre can help us to make this a better site.


    1.  Which browser do you use to view Health Central content? Do you ever have difficulties viewing our content based upon which browser you are using?


    2.  How did you find this site? 


    3.  What would you say are the major technical obstacles to using this site?  For example, do you have difficulty finding information, commenting, posting, etc.? Which things are most problematic for you?

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    4.  What suggestions do you have for improving the site? 


    5.  What are some of the things you like about this site? Examples can range from the color scheme to the slide shows to the support from other members.


    6. Do you use twitter or facebook?  Do you want to see Health Central content promoted on twitter and facebook? Do you use these social media venues to get health related information and/or support? 


    7.  Do you trust the health information you get from Health Central?  Do you feel that the articles are unbiased and balanced?  Do you mind if writers produce content for specific pharmaceutical web pages or sites but still answer member questions about such topics as medications?  Do you believe there is a conflict of interest in such a situation?


    8.  Do you value community?  Would you enjoy Health Central more or less if there was less community and more content? 


    9.  Do you pay any attention to content featured on the flashboxes on individual sites or on our main page? Are our newsletters of interest to you?


    10.  What do you think of the new site changes including the hearts and the side panel of categories?


    Here is your chance to tell us what you feel about this site or any of the other Health Central sites.  What is working for you?  What isn't working?  We want to hear how we can better serve you. 


    Don't feel like you have to answer all these questions.  Feel free to pick and choose which ones are most pertinent to you.


    Thanks so much for your participation!



Published On: August 16, 2011